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Journal of Management Education (JME) Online Access

The Journal of Management Education (JME), a leading voice in the scholarship of teaching and learning (SoTL) for over 40 years, is dedicated to enhancing teaching and learning in the management and organizational disciplines. Our published articles reflect changes and developments in the conceptualization, organization, and practice of management education. The Journal of Management Education maintains a long-standing editorial commitment to growth, learning, and innovation and uses a developmental approach in working with authors throughout the review process so that they may communicate their ideas and insights to others.

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Management Teaching Review (MTR) Online Access

Management Teaching Review (MTR) is committed to serving the management education community by publishing short, topically-targeted, and immediately useful resources for teaching and learning practice. Our published articles and interactive platform provide a rich, collaborative space for active learning resources that foster deep student engagement and instructor excellence.

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Regular Features

  • Resource Reviews… outside resources that readers might use to support their teaching practice.
  • Experiential Exercises… topically targeted, easily implemented “classroom” exercises useful to instructors and/or trainers.
  • Research to Practice Insights… summaries of recently published research from any discipline that provide implication(s) for management teaching or training practice; may be author’s own research or that of others.
  • Format Translations… modification(s) of teaching activities from one format or audience to another; for example, from on ground to online, undergraduate to executive, or university to workplace.
  • Practice to Research Connections… first person narratives about issues or questions in management teaching practice that may form the basis for future practice-based research.