Society Fellows

MOBTS Fellows are individuals identified and honored by the Society who have been involved at multiple levels, in multiple ways, and over an extended period of time to further the Society’s objectives.  Criteria are long-term involvement, commitment and contribution to the Society.

Rae André
Lee Bolman

David Bradford
Jim Clawson
Allan Cohen
Gary Coombs
Andre Delbecq
David Fearon
Bill Ferris
Jeanie Forray

Peter Frost
Joan Gallos
Joseph Garcia
Janet Gillespie
Esther Hamilton
Kathleen Kane
Roy Lewicki
Kathy Lund Dean
Bob Marx

Anne McCarthy
Larry Michaelsen
John Miller
Barbara Ritter
Jane Schmidt-Wilk
Joe Seltzer
Bill Torbert
Peter Vaill
Joan Weiner

Kathy Kane (MOBTS OB1) inducting the 2017 Fellows, Bill Torbert (left) and David Fearon (right).