Interested in Hosting a Future MOBTS Conference?

Since 1974 on the campus of Stanford University, the Management & Organizational Behavior Teaching Society has been hosted across the spectrum of academic institutions. Few academic conferences are able to show off your institution more so than MOBTS, as 250-300 business school professors descend upon your campus and take in every aspect of it. It is an absolutely fantastic way to market your institution to the academic world.

From large public R1s to small private teaching institutions, and everything in between, MOBTS has always sought the cultural fit required to host such a unique conference as ours.

We are currently seeking prospective future conference sites for the years 2024 and 2025. Sites are typically selected two years from the conference date, and sometimes up to three years. A viable site is determined based on the following conditions:

  1. Viability of Campus – This includes both the quality and sufficient number of dorm spaces, classrooms, large event / banquet facilities, Jim’s Place, and the distances between each.
  2. Financial Viability – MOBTS is a 501(c)3 not-for-profit academic organization and financially operates as such. We reinvest all of our conference profits back into the well-being of the Society and then some. It is imperative that MOBTS earn enough general conference profits to sustain its pre-conference operations (Doctoral Institute and Early Educator Institute) and scholarships.
  3. Ease of Access – What transportation options are there locally? Ex. Airport (major or regional, distance from), train, etc.
  4. Administrative Support – Historical experiences have proven that the conferences that show the most administrative support (support from Dean, Provost, and/or President, as well as support from Residence Life, Catering, and Conference/Event Services) are the ones that provide our conference attendees with the greatest conference experience.


Our conference does have minimum requirements for us to be able to function as needed. The list of requirements below is so that you can determine whether your campus can handle such prior to putting in the effort to develop a full fledged proposal.

Minimum Requirements to Host:

  • 220 Single Dorm Bedrooms
    • MOBTS dorm rooms may have more than one bed in them; however, only one bed is used.
    • Bedroom-to-Bathroom ratio must not exceed 3:1. (3 occupants for every one full bathroom)
    • Housing must be able to provide linens, pillows, blankets, and towels, at minimum.
  • 12 Classrooms Suited for Experiential Learning with Minimum Occupancy of 25
    • Most all classrooms must have the ability to move chairs and desks
    • One computer lab is required
    • Occupancies of 30+ are preferred
  • Ballroom / Banquet Facility Capable of Hosting 240+ Attendees in Seated Rounds of 8 or 10
  • Group Access to Campus Wi-Fi

Please note that even if your institution does not fully satisfy all of the above criteria, do not hesitate to contact us for consideration or further discussion of hosting at your institution. Few sites are ever without ‘red flags,’ as the entirety of the site is what is ultimately considered.

If you would like to discuss the prospects of your institution hosting a future MOBTS, please fill out the form below and MOBTS Executive Operations Director Brandon Charpied will be in touch with you shortly.