Q. Illustrate your commitment to MOBTS and management teaching with examples of your involvement in MOBTS-related activities, including but not limited to; Board/leadership roles, domestic and international MOBTS conferences, roles (author/publisher/editorial) within Journal of Management Education and Management Teaching review, as well as roles outside of MOBTS that have helped further management education.

I am very passionate about teaching and MOBTS! My belonging to the organization had helped me to grow as a teacher, colleague, and researcher. I first joined the organization in 2017 and have since religiously attended all domestic (RI, SC, and NJ) and international (Ireland and New Zealand) meetings. I also demonstrate commitment to MOBTS by serving as presenter, as MTR reviewer, as member of the Roethlisberger Award Committee (2018-present), as well as MOBTS ad-hoc Board of Directors member on the Strategic Planning committee. I have published an article in JME and am currently working on a number of manuscripts, targeting both JME and MTR as publication outlets. Additionally, I have actively encouraged others to attend the conference and have frequently promoted MOBTS to my colleagues. I am very committed to the society and hope to be considered for the position to further contribute to the future of the organization.


Q. What specific personal, professional, and/or technical qualities and experiences will you bring to the MOBTS Board of Directors?

In the past, I have won a number of teaching awards and grants and I have also served as a Board of Directors member for the Quad Cities Professional Development Network (QCPDN). The mission of the QCPDN was to share resources and to create professional development opportunities for faculty and staff that meet the common needs of member institutions. The Network embraced innovation, life-long learning, collaboration and cost effectiveness as guiding principles. I also served as a Chair of the QCPDN’s Board of Directors during 2009-2010 academic year. I currently serve as a Board of Directors member for the Commission for Women (CFW) at University of Michigan-Dearborn (UMD). CFW’s mission is to improve and enrich the working and learning environments for UMD women by providing direction, leadership, support and expertise to the UMD community.

Furthermore, MOBTS Board of Directors can count on me! I am very detail-oriented and adhere to deadlines. I am eager to participate at meetings. I am also adamant about time management and am always striving to be prepared well in advance. I also have a strong desire for stewardship to others. In addition, I am supportive, but am willing to express my own opinion. On a personal level, I am very personable, energetic, and intuitive. I am also funny (on Wednesdays).

In sum, I have experiences as a Board of Directors member and an officer, and my current desire is to become a Board member for an organization that fits squarely with my academic interests and goals.


Q. The academic landscape is constantly changing. This not only impacts our institutions, but so too does it greatly impact not-for-profit organizations such as MOBTS. What issues and/or situations do you perceive to be on the horizon that MOBTS will have to assess and adapt to?

1. To have a more robust membership/diversity drawn from around the world. It seems we are mostly represented by US and Canada. I would love to see more members from Asia, Europe, Americas, Africa, Australia/NZ etc.
2. To promote sustainable practices in all of our events and activities.
3. To reinforce and communicate safe psychological and physical environment. Perhaps some training/orientation on sexual harassment might be instituted and respectful/courteous behavior.
4. To promote and grow the society – via livestream keynote addresses, seed funding, small grants, partnership with other organizations,
5. To develop/sustain/promote a mentoring program