Announcing the Selection of the Next

Co-Editors of the

Management Teaching Review


The MOBTS Board of Directors is proud to announce the next Co-Editors-in-Chief of our prestigious journal Management Teaching Review – Gordon B. Schmidt, Purdue University Fort Wayne, and Kerri Anne Crowne (Brannen), Widener University. Their term will begin in June 2022 upon the conclusion of the term of our current long-time and amazing Editor Jane Schmidt-Wilk (Maharishi International University) at the end of MOBTS 2022 at Cal Poly Pomona.

Gordon and Kerri stood out amongst the applicants upon the review and vetting of our tremendous Editor-in-Chief Search Committee. That search committee, led by MOBTS President-Elect Kevin Lo and Secretary Kathi Lovelace, was also comprised of Tracey Sigler and Sarah Wright. On behalf of the Board of Directors, thank you for the considerable effort you put into this search process that led us to such a fantastic and exciting selection of Co-Editors!

Gordon and Kerri have a strong vision for how to grow MTR and their energy and excitement around the journal was evident to the search committee.  Both active scholarly researchers in the fields of management and management education and are frequent presenters at professional conferences including the MOBTS annual conference. Additionally, each of their respective schools have recognized them as excellent educators.

Gordon has an active stream of research focused on the Future of Work and leadership. He has an edited volume on social media use in selection from Springer and an upcoming book on using MCU super-hero films to teach leadership concepts to be published by Emerald. He has reviewed for many journals and created educational content for multiple publishers in our field. He has publications in both Management Teaching Review and the Journal of Management Education.  He was the program chair for the vMOBTS Conference in 2020. He is currently a member of the MOBTS Board of Directors and coordinating the Early Educator Institute at the conference. He has presented sessions at the MOBTS conference every year since 2014.

Kerri has been an active member of the MOBTS society and served multiple terms on the Board. Her research has been focused on several areas including global virtual teams, cultural intelligence, emotional intelligence, and pedagogy.  She has multiple publications in MTR and other pedagogical journals.  She has served as a Co-Editor in Chief and as an Associate Editor of the Organization Management Journal, as well as a reviewer for various other journals. She is a past recipient of the Mid-Career Educator award from MOBTS and Management Teaching Review (MTR) Best Pedagogical Contribution Award.

From the vision and enthusiasm that our new team of Co-Editors will bring to the table, their understanding of MTR’s mission and the culture of MOBTS, their combined experiences as editors, reviewers, and authors, and their ability to advance even further the creativity of this reputable journal, we have the utmost confidence that Gordon and Kerri will take MTR to new heights. We look forward to prosperous and productive years by way of their contributions, leadership, and guidance!

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