MOBTS is excited to announce that following the completion of its previous ten (10) year agreement with SAGE – under which it saw the Journal of Management Education reach new heights and the creation of Management Teaching Review – the organization came to terms with SAGE Publishing in June 2021 on a new five (5) year agreement.

This agreement allows MOBTS to continue to foster growth amongst its journals while also maintaining leverage in future negotiations during such growth. As opposed to standard contracts that are often accompanied by a single one-year extension prior to termination, this new agreement carries two (2) two-year options, allowing the terms of the contract to run for five (5), seven (7), or up to nine (9) years should such options be executed.

With the ever increasing global membership and engagement within MOBTS, the organization and SAGE agreed that it was both the environmentally and fiscally proper path to eliminate the print version of JME, therefore all access to JME will be digital through this agreement effective immediately. MTR was already a digital publication.

The Board of Directors would like to thank Ian Balisy, SAGE Associate Editor of Social Science Journals, for his role during these lengthy negotiations and his shepherding of the agreed upon terms through completion with SAGE.

If you have any questions regarding this agreement, please contact MOBTS Executive Director Brandon Charpied at

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