Announcing the Selection of the Next Co-Editors of the Journal of Management Education

The MOBTS Board of Directors is proud to announce the next Co-Editors-in-Chief of our prestigious Journal of Management Education – Jennifer S. Leigh (Nazareth College) and Marissa Kate Edwards (University of Queensland). They will join the Board on January 1st, 2021 and become the new Editors-in-Chief upon the conclusion of the terms of our current long-time and amazing Co-Editors Kathy Lund Dean (Gustavus Adolphus College) and Jeanie M. Forray (Western New England University) in June 2021.

Marissa Edwards | University of Queensland

Jennifer and Marissa stood out amongst the applicants upon the review and vetting of our tremendous Editor-in-Chief Search Committee. That search committee, led by MOBTS OB-1 Gary Stark, was also comprised of Charles Fornaciari, Tracey Sigler, John Stark, Emily Tarr, Chantal van Esch, Sarah Wright, and Ian Balisy of SAGE Publishing. On behalf of the Board of Directors, thank you for the considerable effort you put into this search process that led us to such a fantastic and exciting selection of Co-Editors!

Jennifer Leigh | Nazareth College

Jennifer and Marissa each bring a strong record of scholarly contributions to management and management education, reflected in their respective publication in scholarly journals and presentations at professional conferences including the MOBTS annual conference and International MOBTS.

One of Jennifer’s main research streams for the last 15 years has focused on the Scholarship of Teaching and Learning, which has emphasized Responsible Management Education (RME) and experiential learning methods. Her scholarly publications range from traditional peer-reviewed articles to edited volumes to numerous book chapters. Jennifer has been a long-time contributor toward MOBTS in a variety of fashions across the spectrum of our operations.

Marissa has a solid record of journal publications, book chapters, and conference presentations in both management and management education. She is currently the lead Associate Editor of a Special Issue of the Journal of Management Education focused on mental health and well-being among management students and educators to be published in the coming months. Marissa just recently hosted a very successful MOBTS virtual discussion session on this very soon-to-be-published issue. Marissa’s presence at the University of Queensland, Australia, will further benefit MOBTS as the organization continues to place an increasing emphasis on its new MOBTS Oceania affiliate and globalization in general.

From the vision that our new Co-Editors will bring to the table, their editorial experiences, their ability to advance even further the creativity and enthusiasm that already surrounds this reputable journal, and their familiarity and understanding of not just JME’s mission and audience, but MOBTS’s and the management education field as a whole, we have the utmost confidence that Jennifer and Marissa will take JME to new heights on a global scale. We look forward to prosperous and productive years by way of their contributions, leadership, and guidance!

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