Local Recommended Hotels

Because the conference is being held on the UNSW campus, MOBTS does not have a 'preferred' or contracted hotel. However, we do find it is appreciated when our attendees book at the same hotels as many discussions surrounding the conference, careers, and so forth continue well into the night at MOBTS events.

Recommended Hotels

You can find a Google Map of recommended hotels by clicking here. Please note that the map is pre-set to the dates of January 28th - February 5th, for those of you that are looking to make a longer trip out of MOBTS Oceania. We that we strongly suggest you book in the Randwick area of Sydney, situated adjacent to UNSW and the Royal Randwick Racecourse, within easy walking distance of the campus and Royal Randwick shopping mall.

Within the Randwick area, the following locations are recommended based on price and proximity to campus. The hotels listed are shown in order of distance from campus; however, all three are within an 8-12 minute walk. You are of course more than welcome to select any accommodations you desire for the conference.

Note from Executive Director Brandon Charpied: I have booked at the Perouse Randwick by Sydney Lodges. It seems to provide the best value in regard to room options, price, cancellation policies, and distance to the campus.

  • The Lurline Randwick - A Victorian style 3-star with a courtyard for relaxing with colleagues and friends. Approximate 8-minute walk to campus.
  • Perouse Randwick by Sydney Lodges - A 4-star hotel with a first floor café. Approximate 10-minute walk to campus.
  • Avonmore on the Park Boutique Hotel - An elegant 4-star hotel if you're looking for something with a bit more character than your standard hotel accommodations. Approximate 12-minute walk to campus.