At-a-Glance Program: This is a "bird's eye view" conference program with minimal information provided beyond conference session times, titles, and virtual room assignments. However, you may click on any title link to pre-register to attend that session.

Full Program: This is the previously provided program where you can pre-register in Zoom, view the session abstracts, authors, and so on.

Mobile Program: Note that there is NO download required for this mobile program! It is designed to operate within your mobile device's browser without requiring any additional apps. This option is touch screen-based, but can be used in a standard desktop/notebook browser, as well. The Mobile Program has additional pages associated with it that will be updated with additional information over the next week.


Be aware that all times are shown in Australian Eastern Standard Time (Brisbane). We have done our best to be aware of the locations of all projected author registrants and assigned session times accordingly. It is highly recommended that you make certain that you and your co-presenters are aware of any necessary time conversions.

We have two resources for you to use to do so:

For Time & Date, we have preset it to include AET, GMT, EST, and PST (you can edit this as needed). You simply need to use the slider bar to change the AET time to what is shown below in order to convert to your local time.

MOBTS Oceania has sessions that are spanning up to 17 hours of the Earth's 24 hour clock across 4 time zones. In each case we attempted to situate papers where they may find both maximum exposure for the session as well as maximum comfort to the presenters.


If you would like your session to be recorded to be provided within the MOBTS Virtual Hub (, please contact Executive Director Brandon Charpied. Sessions will not be recorded by MOBTS without author approval. The deadline to request your session to be recorded is Monday, January 18th. Sessions scheduled to be recorded will be noted accordingly in the conference programs.


Those that attended vMOBTS 2020 will be familiar with our pre-registration process. MOBTS Oceania will be utilizing the Zoom conferencing platform. Pre-Registration links have been added to our conference programs. The following MOBTS Oceania video will take you through the very simple and quick process to pre-register for sessions that you'd like to attend throughout the conference.

**NOTE** Zoom's Pre-Registration system has its limitations in terms of session assignment times, only providing the ability to schedule on the half-hours. Thus, some of the session times within Zoom itself differ slightly from the conference program. The conference program is *always* the accurate resource. We simply work as best we can within the scheduling confines of Zoom. Please refer to the conference program for the official session times.