What time zone are the sessions listed in?

All times shown are Eastern (EDT), which is -4 UTC.

If I'm the presenter of a session, must I register for that session?

Yes. You must register for every session you are presenting in as well as any session you wish to attend elsewhere. Your own sessions should be your highest priority in registering before considering any others.

Must I have a personal/work Zoom account to participate in vMOBTS?

No, you do not have to have a Zoom account to participate in vMOBTS, though you will be prompted to download the Zoom software. If you do not have it already, please do so before the start of the conference.

Will I have 'Share Screen' abilities?

With your Co-Host permission in your session, you will indeed have such abilities. However, please note the potential security issues if you enable this ability with attendees. It is advised that only presenters maintain this ability.

Will presenters have the ability to use the breakout room feature?

Yes. Upon being granted ‘Co-Host’ permissions, you will be able to control breakout rooms. If you are intending to use breakout rooms, it is recommended that you designate a co-presenter to be in control of it to maximize efficiency.

Can I save chats in the main room and/or breakout rooms?

Yes, you can. However, they will not be automatically saved. You must manually save them. It is best for you to save each or assign a co-presenter to do such.