Nominations for MOBTS Board of Directors
Nominations are now closed

We currently have two positions we are seeking nominations for:

  • President-Elect – This individual will serve as President-Elect on the Executive Committee and Board of Directors from June 2021 through June 2022. The individual will then proceed onward for a three-year term as President from June 2022 through June 2025. Nominees for President-Elect may be asked to meet with the Executive Committee prior to the ballot being established.
  • At-Large – A Director At-Large position will be charged with and volunteer for tasks, initiatives, and committees as they arise. In addition, such a Director may request consideration to shift to a specific responsibility (ex. Preconference Chair) as it becomes available.

The Nominations & Elections committee will follow up with nominees. A nomination does not guarantee a place on the ballot as MOBTS board positions are highly sought after resulting in an abundance of nominations. Long-term presence in the Society is not a prerequisite to be on the ballot, so we encourage junior, mid-career, and senior faculty alike to be nominated!

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