Long-time  members and dedicated contributors Kathy Lund Dean (Professor of Management at Gustavus Adolphus College) and Barbara A. Ritter (Dean of the Davis College of Business at Jacksonville University) have been voted on by the MOBTS Board of Directors and existing MOBTS Fellows to join the illustrious group of sages of the Society.

MOBTS Fellows are individuals identified and honored by the Society who have been involved at multiple levels, in multiple ways, and over an extended period of time to further the Society’s objectives. Criteria are long-term involvement, commitment, and contribution to the Society. Both Barb and Kathy have exemplified these traits for many years now.

Kathy Lund Dean is the current Co-Editor of the prestigious Journal of Management Education (2014 – 2021), the found Co-Editor of Management Teaching Review (2015-2016), and was conference program chair for the 2010 conference at University of New Mexico – each of which included a term on the Board of Directors. Kathy’s engagement and impact on MOBTS began as a conference attendee in 1998, later winning the prestigious New Educator Award in 2005. Since then, Kathy has been amongst the leaders in advancing the status of pedagogical research to new heights and being a great steward of our journals, as evidenced by the universal respect they are given across the management disciplines.

Barbara A. Ritter joined MOBTS in 2006 and has since gone on to be an integral and impactful voice not just within the Society itself, but well beyond in instituting the mission of enhancing the quality of teaching and learning within her institutions and amongst other organizations she sits on the Boards of. Barb has been a facilitator of the Doctoral Institute since 2013, Chair of the Doctoral Institute from 2015-2018, a facilitator of the Early Educator Institute since 2020, and hosted the 45th annual conference in 2018 at Coastal Carolina University. In addition, Barb has received the Peter J. Frost Mentoring Award (2015) and the David L. Bradford Outstanding Educator Award (2020).

MOBTS is privileged and honored to have both Kathy and Barb as such dedicated members of this organization, for MOBTS and all of management education has been bettered due to their efforts.

The MOBTS Fellows is of the highest honor of the Management & Organizational Behavior Teaching Society. The Society’s Fellows include:

Rae André, Lee Bolman, David Bradford, Jim Clawson, Allan Cohen, Gary Coombs, Andre Delbecq, David Fearon, Bill Ferris, Jeanie Forray, Peter Frost, Joan Gallos, Joseph Garcia, Esther Hamilton, Kathleen Kane, Roy Lewicki, Kathy Lund Dean, Bob Marx, Anne McCarthy, Larry Michaelsen, John Miller, Barbara A. Ritter, Jane Schmidt-Wilk, Joe Seltzer, Bill Torbert, Peter Vaill, Joan Weiner

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