Dear MOBTS Members,

Today we are excited to announce the unveiling of a project that was conceived a year ago and been worked on behind-the-scenes ever since – our MOBTS Management Education Repository! We are calling this the MOBTS Hub, a place where members and [currently] non-members alike can share their resources and tap into the experience and insight of others. We anticipate the Hub to be a focal point in teaching tools, techniques, and information throughout management education, falling directly in line with our mission of enhancing teaching and learning across the management disciplines.

The Hub is designed to be an outlet for your resources that will have benefit to your colleagues; however, are not in a position (or do not have the desire) to be published in Journal of Management Education or Management Teaching Review. It is indeed important to note that any resources submitted will be posted on The Hub under CCBY NC 4.0 standards. Note that this is not a journal and ‘published’ resources will not be provided a DOI, though depending on the utilization and growth of the resource hub, this could change in time. In addition, publishing a resource on The Hub does not preclude it from being published elsewhere, just as presenting at MOBTS does not prevent publishing. Authors may remove their resource if they so desire to pursue a path of journal publication. You may also go back into past MOBTS presentations and submit adapted versions of such that more neatly fit such an online repository.

The submission process and its guidelines can be found on The Hub. Please note that The Hub is very much in “beta testing” mode. Things will continue to change on the repository, in terminology used, etc. Submissions will indeed be reviewed and not all submissions will be accepted for the site. In some cases, significant formatting is required, thus production times may vary a great deal between submission types. When submitting to The Hub please be aware that this is a resource that MOBTS is providing to the management education community that does not currently have any economic benefits for the organization. It is simply a considerable effort we are adding to our plate that we feel is worthwhile to the community and in line with our mission.

So what can you submit to The Hub? Honestly, the opportunities are near limitless. The Hub will be forever evolving, adapting, and expanding with the direction of management education. Currently we have resources submitted for:

  • Exercises – These are similar to what would be presented at our MOBTS conferences. Again, these are exercises that are fleshed out enough to be useful to your colleagues (as they are at our conferences), but without the desire or ability to develop into a journal publication.
  • Syllabi – How often do we hear early career educators or even education veterans teaching new courses seeking guidance with a syllabus? The Hub seeks to be a repository where such syllabi can be housed for use.
  • “Top Lists” – Do you have a curated top ten list of pedagogical articles, management-oriented books, YouTube videos, podcasts, and so forth? You can submit those lists to use for sharing amongst the community.
  • Icebreakers – Who doesn’t need a good icebreaker to get things moving in the classroom? But, also, who wants to use the same old one year after year? Share your icebreakers with the community as they share theirs and let us keep things fresh in the classroom to kick off each semester!
  • Teams – Facilitating and navigating team-based projects and exercises in the classroom is always a significant task. The Hub hopes to provide resources to allow you to give-and-take from a multitude of team-based approaches.
  • Videos/Movies – Provide us with insights into how specific online videos and movies (even simply segments of such) can assist in teaching our students and facilitating discussion amongst them.

Social Media and Engagement: The Hub is outfitted with social media integrated into it. See a resource you feel is beneficial to the world? Utilize any of the social media links presented to you on each page to share it. We also recommend you “Hearting” (liking/favoriting) any resources you feel are beneficial. This is a virtual ‘thumbs up’ that tells others that these resources are worthwhile to consider.

This list here is simply where we’ve begun. Where we go from here is up to you and, no doubt, this list will be exponentially longer as we receive contributions on topics and from angles we’ve not even considered yet. That is the exciting part of The Hub – that you’re involvement will directly influence what evolutionary steps it takes from here on out!

We have asked our Board of Directors to seed The Hub with various examples of their own resources so that you may have some inspiration for what you can contribute (and use!) as this repository grows!

As always, feel free to contact me if you have any questions. We hope that you consider submitting your resources and that you find the offerings in the repository a tremendous asset for years to come!

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