With the election of Kevin Lo as President-Elect, a role he will take on beginning in June 2021 prior to ascending to the role of President in June 2022, position vacancies were created that needed to be restructured and filled. These changes were approved during a meeting of the Board of Directors on March 19th, 2021.

Prior to the election and the new board terms taking place in June 2021, the following members were situated in these respective positions and terms:

Kevin LoSecretary through June 2023
Kathi LovelaceFinance Chair through June 2022
Kerri Crowne BrannenAt-Large through June 2022

Left-to-right: Kevin Lo, Kathi Lovelace, Kerri Crowne Brannen





Kevin Lo‘s shift from Secretary to President-Elect leaves a two-year vacancy in the role of Secretary. The Board has shifted Kathi Lovelace from Finance Chair to Secretary beginning in June 2021 to complete the remainder of the existing term.

Kathi Lovelace‘s shift from Finance Chair to Secretary then leaves a vacancy in the role of Finance Chair. Kerri Crowne Brannen will shift from At-Large to Finance Chair in June 2021 to complete the remainder of that term.

Kerri Crowne Brannen‘s shift from At-Large to Finance Chair then leaves a vacancy in the role of At-Large.

During times of a board vacancy, the MOBTS Bylaws read as follows from Article IV – Directors:

Section 10c. Vacancies in Office. A vacan

cy in any office because of death, resignation, removal, disqualification, or any other cause shall be filled by appointment by the President with the approval of the Board for the remainder of that term of office.

  1. The Board shall have the ability to operate during this period of a vacant role regardless of whether the Board composition no longer holds a majority of elected Directors.
  2. Should such an appointment occur in the place of a previously elected role, it shall remain considered an elected role and not impact the mandate of a majority of elected positions for Board composition.
  3. Appointees shall not be held to subsequent nomination and election restrictions should the fulfillment of the term be less than a half-term.

With such a vacancy present, President Micheal Stratton has appointed – with the approval of the Board of Directors – Carlos Baldo of Colorado Mesa University to fulfill the existing term of the vacant At-Large position.

Therefore, the four individuals, their roles, and remaining terms will be as follows upon the conclusion of vMOBTS 2021 in June.

Kevin LoPresident-Elect through June 2022, President through June 2025 
Kathi LovelaceSecretary through June 2023
Kerri Crowne BrannenFinance Chair through June 2022
Carlos Baldo – At-Large through June 2022

We thank Kathi and Kerri for their willingness to take on these new roles and challenges within the middle of their existing terms on the Board, and we welcome Carlos Baldo to the board – a dedicated member who has participated in the organization and our conference in numerous ways for years and one who will bring a passionate voice to our leadership!

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