Nominations for MOBTS Board of Directors
Nominations Now Open! Deadline is December 30th.

Self-Nominations are Acceptable


We currently have four positions we are seeking nominations for:

  • Secretary – This individual will serve as Secretary on the Executive Committee and Board of Directors from June 2022 through June 2025*. The Secretary keeps minutes of the Executive Committee, Board of Directors, and Membership (Business/Town Hall) meetings and distributes them to Board Members. In addition, the Secretary sits on the Nominations & Elections Committee
    • *Due to a current vacancy of the position, the elected Secretary will start upon being notified of election results.
  • At-Large (3 Openings) – A Director At-Large position will be charged with and volunteer for tasks, initiatives, and committees as they arise. In addition, such a Director may request consideration to shift to a specific responsibility (ex. Finance Chair, Early Educator Institute Chair, etc.) as it becomes available.

The Nominations & Elections committee will follow up with nominees. A nomination does not guarantee a place on the ballot as MOBTS board positions are highly sought after resulting in an abundance of nominations. Long-term presence in the Society is not a prerequisite to be on the ballot, so we encourage junior, mid-career, and senior faculty alike to be nominated! Those on the ballot will be reached out to for additional information prior to the ballot going live. The ballot is anticipated to open in mid January.

Board members are expected to be physically present for the June pre-conference meeting and the Fall meeting (typically toward the end of October), as well as present and engaged in any virtual meetings and email discussions conducted in between. A nomination does not guarantee a place on the ballot. The Nominations & Elections Committee will determine the final slate for the ballot.

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