As you may be aware from our announcements at vMOBTS 2020 and our recent Pedagogical Pulse Newsletter, MOBTS has teamed up with the University of Surrey’s Centre for Management Education (CMEdu) to provide MOBTS-caliber expertise and approach to the CMEdu PGCert program. This program will be virtual for the 2021 year.

MOBTS’s role in this program is to provide expert facilitators across nine components within three (3) modules – a fantastic opportunity for MOBTS members to share their knowledge and gain experience on an international scale! MOBTS and the University of Surrey are currently seeking facilitators for the first three components of the first module. The deadline to apply to be a facilitator is Sunday, January 3rd. The selection committee will review all applications on January 4th and send notice out immediately thereafter to allow for ample time to formulate the facilitated session.

The three components of the first module are:

  • Business School Environment | January 20th
  • Global Management Education | February 3rd
  • Management Education Research | February 17th

Further descriptions can be found below.

Each of these sessions will be run synchronously and are run on GMT time from 8:30am – 10:00am GMT. This means that if you are in the USA on Eastern Standard Time, the session will run from 3:30am – 5:00am. On the Pacific coast, it will run from 12:30am – 2:00am. While these times may be challenging for some, we firmly believe this is a fantastic opportunity for all involved.

The class is comprised of 15 attendees. Eight (8) are practitioners with some experience guest lecturing. Seven (7) are from the University of Surrey China campus and are comprised of a mix of junior and senior faculty, but without formal training or certifications.

Chosen facilitators for each of the three components should facilitate conversation to think, to push, to probe, and to challenge students to discuss and project out the issues facing business schools and how they will be navigated. Sessions should be full of enrichment that will feed directly into the module assessments.

You may apply for any or all three of the components of this first module. The MOBTS PGCert Committee will review all applications and select those that it feels best fit this opportunity.

Please click on the following links for component specific descriptions and to apply to be a facilitator. Component descriptions can also be found below.

Please do not hesitate to contact MOBTS Executive Director Brandon Charpied for more information. We hope you consider this wonderful program and this opportunity to engage and challenge these eager participants across such critical topics.



Business School Environment
Business schools are operating in a very competitive environment. However, this also opens opportunities for collaboration, research and growth. This section will focus specifically on the future of business schools by looking at previous and current resources as well as the business school as a “brand” and the role of accrediting bodies in this context.

Global Management Education
Western business schools, mainly from the US and Europe influence management education globally. However, global management education is diverse and understood differently at times. Understanding differences and similarities helps to design effective programmes and modules and at the same time enables educators to support international students holistically. We often debate the reluctance of Chinese students for instance to engage in critical discussions or the Greeks impulsiveness in group work. This is just one example of how global management education can be take place but there are many facets and perspectives. This section focuses on those different  facets and perspectives by looking at the role of the association of business schools, research around global management education and different world views.

Management Education Research
Research in Business & Management Education (BME) is not as recognised as other managerial disciplines. However, research in Management Education is on the rise and there are great journals that give insight into projects and initiatives that have advanced Management Education nationally and globally. This section will look at the most important journals in our field and also discusses the subject specific research areas within Management Education e.g. Marketing Education, Entrepreneurship Education, HRM Education, Accounting Education, and level specific research Undergraduate, Postgraduate and MBA, PGR, DBA).

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